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Tony Martin
CPGA Teaching Professional

Tony Martin
Tony Martin
CPGA Professional

Tony has been associated with the CPGA for over 25 years as a class “A” member, having worked as Head Professional, Director of Golf, General Manager, as well as owned and operated Chippewa Golf Club for 8 years. He has attended many seminars on the teaching of golf in Canada and the USA, including the Special Emphasis Teaching program for coaching Tour players in Palm Beach Florida in 1993. In 2007, Tony was voted by his peers by SCORE magazine as one of the top selected Golf Instructors in Canada.

  • Director of Instruction at Westmount Golf Club in Kitchener for over 19 years

  • Served on the Board of Directors of Ontario PGA for 5 years

  • Nominated in 2007 one of Score Magazines top 10 Golf instructors in Canada

  • Director of Development for Conestoga College Athletic and Recreational including coaching & Creating the first golf team for the college

  • Tutored under George Knudson for teaching in Canada

  • Evaluator & Proctor for the PGA of Canada to assist New  Members of the PGA of Canada to become Certified golf Instructor’s.

  • Nominated in 2016 & 2017 as Teacher of the Year for PGA of Canada


Tony Marting GWLEvery year for the last many winters we have found our members like to hit golf balls with the hope that this helps to kick start their upcoming  outdoor season.   Hopefully they sign up for a series of lessons or a program before some head south or need tweaking before they go.   This is a great time to start working on your game.  About Golf  simulators are a way of changing those bad golf habits you tell me about on the range all summer.   l can Help.

I can help you make the  changes that will improve your swing /stroke / grip / setup /fundamentals  having state of the art simulators to see how your ball reacts to speed /launch angles/ direction and with our Video analysis  helps you stay in control of your swing.

I can then develop a program  to make your swing more consistent for when the spring arrives.   That valuable repetition from working inside pays off in a lower handicap and a more enjoyable golf game.

Call me today at 905.630.9959 to set up a date to make this happen.


~ Tony Martin

Coaching Rates:

Individual Private Lesson (one hour) $85.00
Series of 4 Private Lessons $300.00
Coaching Program – Series of 10 Lessons $700.00

Contact Tony for a customized coaching program.

Rates do not include HST

Call Tony: 905.630.9959



Robert Hannah BSc (Kinesiology)
PGA of Canada Teaching Professional

Robert Hannah
Robert Hannah
PGA of Canada
Teaching Professional

Rob Hannah has been a PGA of Canada member for 30 years and a full time
Teaching Professional for the past twenty years. He has helped thousands of golfers
prioritize the key technical skills that lead to improvement. As with many sports,
technology is changing the feedback information received by participants. It is more
important than ever to have a coach to clear up misconceptions and provide clear
instruction and guidance utilizing a proven teaching style. Following lessons when
appropriate, students will receive, by email, a voiced over video review of their swing
analysis and lesson summary.

Rob has added a new dimension to his teaching with the Foresight Sports GC2
Launch Monito
r. As well, the onform video analysis tool assists in creating
awareness of swing tendencies and enhances learning. While new technologies assist
in the learning process it is vital that the coach has the ability to evaluate the many
components that contribute to a golfer’s performance level such as fitness, short game
skills, and practice strategies.

Rob continues to study the many factors that contribute to a golfer’s improvement
and in the process has become a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness
Instructor. Develop your game under the guidance of a Professional with the
background and experience required to assist with all facets of the game. 

Coaching Rates:

Individual Private Lesson (one hour) $95.00
Series of 3 Private Lessons $275.00

Rates do not include HST

Call Rob: 519 498-6768

Email Rob Hannah @ rhannah@roberthannahgolf.com